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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about the name BLACK SHOPPING NETWORK ? It seems to imply that it's only for Black People. Doesn't that seem a bit racist ?.  I mean seriously Black Shopping Network ?

A: Nope, not racist at all and the Black Shopping Network is for everybody. Our last name just happens to be  Black  and by the way, we just happen to be African Americans.

Q:  Just what exactly is a Afro Friendly Retailer ?   I never heard the term before. 

A: We first coined the phrase Afro Friendly about 10 years ago. Afro Friendly are Retailers that support Women......People of Color...The LGBT Community ...and the Handicapped. All of our Retailers are Afro Friendly and care about you. There are many Retailers out there  that care only about their profits. We turn down many Retailers weekly who want to be on our site simply because they are not in our opinion ....Afro Friendly.

Q:  I noticed at the bottom of your Home Page that you have listed Church Services and a Charity page. I never seen a Shopping Site with something like that on it. What's that all about ? 

A: The Black Shopping Network is a Shopping and Informational site. We are both spiritual and charitable and we offer information of a variety of subjects. It's just how we roll.

Q:  What about Cookies on your site ?

A: We don't have Cookies on our site. The Black Shopping Network doesn't track you or your purchases. However the Retailers that you deal with may have Cookies on their Websites.

QI looked your site over thoroughly and you Guys are tremendous. You guys remind me of a Black Amazon because of your extensive products from all over the World.

A: Thank you very much for the comparison but you can call us.....The Black Shopping Network.

Q: Feng Shui was one of my favorite Stores. I can't find it anywhere on your site. Where did it go ?

A: They took a hiatus but they'll be back by the Holiday's. In the meantime check out Oriental Decor
     in our Global Market section. They have tons of Feng Shui items.

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